Smart City

From urban jungles to intelligent cities

Modern cities are becoming ever more intricate and chaotic, growing in size faster than the rate at which city management systems can be developed to effectively manage them.

We find ever more frequently that living in a city is like a weight, trying the hardest to survive the traffic, the chaos in public offices, the lack of parking and the running costs of homes and offices.

Once again, we are witnessing a dramatic transformation of the very concept of living and managing the city: thanks to ever smaller and economic sensors, you can in fact increase the number of eyes, noses and ears in living and working spaces.

The amount of data that we can find is rather large: road and highway conditions, energy consumption, building state, incident and event statistics, flow of people in certain spaces.

Needless to say, without a brain all of this data simply represents wasted storage space.

DATABOOM can become a valuable ally in the fight against waste and in the overall improvement of city life.

By cross-checking, monitoring and analysing data, it is in fact possible to study the systems' behaviour and city processes, pinpointing problems and gaps and working in real if not predictive time.

In this way, it will be possible in the cities of a not so distant future, to eliminate waste in energy management, optimise transport and provide assistance to people more rapidly, thus transforming the city from gray building blocks to ecosystems able to continuously improve, look after and manage themselves.

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