Smart Energy

More energy for the cities of the future

The continuous growth that we experience requires more and more energy and the supply and distribution problem becomes crucial for a sustainable development.

Also in this field of application, making processes and systems more intelligent could represent a decisively feasible solution.

By introducing sensors that can send data regarding the operating status of the various devices involved in energy production and distribution, will allow for an accurate assessment of businesses’ and customers’ energy consumption.

In this way and thanks to centralised management systems which integrate all of this data inside a single monitoring and analysis platform, it is possible to for example, build consumption models using real data from users and businesses and suggest more suitable solutions based on actual energy use.

Without leaving it aside, it is to be mentioned that a greater control and continuous monitoring of the consumption origins could identify and correct faults in the city's system, thus reducing the costs for raw materials, for maintenance, for replacement and for overall management.

DATABOOM is ready to take charge of this delicate task, providing an instrument capable of interfacing with the most diverse devices, recovering data from them and making them available in a single place, accessible from anywhere where there is an internet connection.

The powerful analysis and data processing functions will then take care of the rest.

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